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"There’s an otherness about it all; something slightly (and agreeably) sinister that shifts it about ten degrees to the left of any cliche."

Rave Child

Who are we?

Cast across a musical milieu inhabited by Ivor Cutler, Alex Harvey and Sun City Girls; Falkirk collective Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo are a group of musicians, artists and poets bringing to life the idiosyncratic stories brought by the enigmatic D.King.

“There's no point in trying to force the band into a neat little box as they are a sprawling glorious mess of free expression that has a socialist heart, and they are impressively fearless in how they put themselves across.”


“Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo manage to smuggle (Country music’s) soul out of the bloated excesses of the Grand Old Opry and install it somewhere in downtown Falkirk.”

Songs Heard on Fast Trains

“...it’s an unexpected treat."

The Tidal Wave Of Indifference

"...a psychedelic mishmash of bongos, wheedling organ lines and Nick Cave-lite barking, none of which really gel."

The List

Pigs In The Bullring (Humans Like Beasts)

The adventurous collective return with their second LP "Pigs in the Bull Ring (Humans Like Beasts)" in 2015, a concept album exploring the intertwining nature of human and animal behaviour, through the retelling of stories brought by the fascist ghost of Mussolini in dreams of absent-minded transgression.

Available online everywhere from 6th May 2015.

Our Other Records

Physical copies of our previous records are now sold out, but you can download digital versions for free.

Welcome EP

On The Desolate Hillside